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    The animation lags when editing the video



      I am new to animation and I use Adobe Flash Professional CC and Actionscript 3

      So when I'm editing the animation, I'll add the audio (mp3 file) and sync everything together. But when I get to exporting the video, the animation moves a lot faster and doesn't sync with the audio anymore. The red play line lags whenever I play the video on Flash, and each time I play the video in Flash, it lags a little bit differently. The red play line doesn't follow the audio's volume waves on Flash but with the animation. I have 2867 frames playing at 24 fps, and the animation lasts for about 3 mins when I play it on Flash, but 2 mins when I export it and play it on Windows media player. The audio seems to play at the right time, so it ends a lot earlier than the animation when I play it on Flash.

      I'm not sure if this problem is to do with my computer or Flash, but every time I animate something with audio, i have to export it multiple times, then go back to Flash to add or remove frames so that the animation syncs with the audio, which makes the animating process a lot longer.

      I also have another problem, which I'm not sure is related, but whenever I pause the animation in Flash, and press play again, the audio stops working.

      Thanks, I'd really appreciate any help.