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    Previous/Copy/Paste needs to be enhanced


      Hello everyone,

      when editing, I very often use "previous". Problem is, that when my images are lens corrected, the correction copies as well, which is absolutely irelevant, because I want to change "the look" of the photo, not the correction settings. I guess it is obvious.


      Partial solution is to use Copy/Paste, but it adds at least one more step (you have to press "Copy Button" on the previous photo. Yes, there is a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+C), but it opens the Copy dialog, which is a hudle as well. And I haven't been able to find shortcut for Copying without opening the dialog (which is possible with Alt+Click on "Copy Button").



      1. Previous is hell of a powerful function. But it would be even better if I can exclude some settings from its power.

      2. Add a shurtcut to "copy without opening copy dialog" feature.



      3. Isn't there any shortcut already for what I requested in point 2?


      Thanks a lot :-).