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    Premiere Elements 13 constant crashing

    Lawson Raider Level 1

      This is a common occurrence not only with version 13 but 10 and 11 did it with me as well on several different computer platforms.    This is not a problem with my computer - this is a problem with their software and this is the reason why I am probably going to bail and start using Sony Vegas or another software platform that I can use without it crashing every 3 minutes.  


      I paid good money for this program and would think Adobe would have fixed the constant crashing several versions ago but they have not and the forums I have read about this all they can do is blame the customers computer.    This has done it on a fresh install of Windows with nothing else installed and on several platforms on several Windows versions.    None of the other software I have crashes every 3 minutes so it is Adobe's software. 


      I know this sounds more of a rant but I cannot tell you how annoying it is to try to use software that keeps crashing.  

      Rant over.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Some computers do have problems with the program. Most do not. I've run it on several computers -- both Windows and Mac -- and I've never had a crash.


          That said, why are you ranting rather than just asking for your money back? This is a user to user forum run by people who are successfully using the program who want to help people who aren't.


          If you want your money back, contact the vendor you bought it from or Adobe Customer Support via Chat.

          Contact Customer Care


          But, man, I'd sure be concerned if my computer couldn't run the program for 10 minutes without crashing. There's definitely some underlying issues at work.

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            whsprague Adobe Community Professional

            I've run versions 9, 10, 11 and 13 on three different Windows computers without crashing.  Having skipped 14, I'm looking forward to buying 15 when it comes out.