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    The document cannot be opened because it is corrupted or damaged

    marco13094 Level 1

      I was using the Adobe Acrobat Reader app on my iPad Air. I was working with a PDF file on the Document Cloud and I click on "Back" to return to the main page and to save the modifications (textboxes notes on various pages) that I made. When I tried to open the PDF file again for making other modifications, I get this error message: “The document cannot be opened because it is corrupted or damaged.” I tried to open the document from the iPad app, the Acrobat Reader DC app on my Mac and from the Adobe Document Cloud on the Adobe internet page and came always the same error massage... (all the systems and all the applications are updated)


      Now my question is:

      How can I open my PDF file again? (the file was always working normally, like the other files that I was editing)


      and if that is not possible...

      ...Is it possible to get an older version of the document, if this last version is damaged? (This document is important to me, so another older version would be also good)