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    How do I share a lightroom catalog on a single PC?




      I have started using Lightroom to manage my pics after Nikon nerfed Capture Nx2.  The problem I'm running into is my wife wants to be able to -- on her own -- browse thru pics and choose which ones she wants to use for various projects.  My hope was I could set her up w/a logon on my SP4 and just give her access to Lightroom and the catalog from her account.  The catalog is on my local PC and the pics are stored in my One Drive account - local storage for which is on an attached USB Hdd.  When I opened lightroom from her account it was empty so I pointed it at the local catalog file....this PC >pictures >lightroom.  It didn't appear to do anything; there were still no pics showing.  So, I did a test import and added one folder.... import from the USB drive to Catalog - using the Add option.  Now, I can see the pics in this folder but not in the same manner; meaning in my lightroom on my account there are 12 pics.  8 nefs and 4 jpges from those nefs.  In her account, there are 8 nefs but some also say nef+jpeg in the file info in grid view.  The attributes I've added to the pictures such as color marking and flags came over but, I make changes, they're not reflected for the other user.  There's a lot of confusing info on the interwebs about this subject and I'm hoping to get a clear answer as to how to best share the catalog with my wife