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    Reinstalling Lightroom CC and starting from scratch


      I installed Lightroom CC on my iMac Retina and and made some mistakes importing my files and screwed up my catalog.  I uninstalled Lightroom and reinstalled.  I am using an external hard drive for my catalog and deleted the old catalog from the drive.  I created a new catalog on the external drive from within LR and now when try to import photos LR says it can't find the catalog and is placing the photos in the Pictures folder on my internal had drive.  Also, when I navigate to the external drive from the file handling side of LR  there are files that are grayed out in the drive and when I click on the new Catalog folder that I just created there are grayed out files in the folder as well.  I want to start my catalog from scratch so that everything is good right from the start.  How can I get LR up and going again?