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    Image size when sharing from Lr mobile


      In latest update on Lr mobile for IOS, there are two new options when choosing "share..."

      The first, under Image Size, is "Small (2k)" and the second is "Maximum"

      My question is regarding the first option, what is the (2k)-size in pixels? Is it a fixed pixel ratio?

      Because when I share a picture i portrait mode to FB, and I download it back it says 960x720px

      but when I share it to my photos folder it says 2048x1535px

      And my experience now, is that the pictures on FB looks worse than before, regarding compression when sharing from Lr mobile

      than from desktop version of Lr CC when exporting a fixed 2048px into FB.

      Anyone have some qualified thoughts about this?



      Hans Jørgen Lindeløff