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    Longtime user, now getting the "You can't edit this page now because you are already editing it" message.

      I've successfully used Contribute with several sites and several web hosts. I mention web hosts because the this seems to be the only significant difference between this site and other sites I edit with Contribute. I don't have this problem with my other sites.

      The problem:

      When I edit a page and then either "publish" or "cancel" I get this error message at the top of the page:
      "You can't edit this page now because you are already editing it on another computer. Click here to make this page editable."

      If I "click here," I get an "access denied" alert.

      The result is, I can't edit the page again. However, if I wait a few minutes and click around the site and then come back to the same page, it is editable again. But I've built this site for a client and I don't think he should have to put up with that.

      I've been through the forum and I've seen this issue come up again and again. I know about the .LCK file. I see it appearing and disappearing as I edit files in Contribute. I also know that when I get the "you can't edit this page now" message, the .LCK file is gone. Why doesn't Contribue recognize that?

      Contribute is not freezing or crashing during the "cancel" or "publish" process. So, this is not an issue where a single .LCK file is orphaned because Contribute crashed during the "publish" process.