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    Lightroom Mobile Subscription Expired - erroneous error message!

    BarryYarkoni Level 1

      I have what seems to be a common problem - both Lightroom desktop and mobile give error "Lightroom mobile subscription expired."  Chat agent verified that my Creative Cloud subscription was current, but sent me to the forum for help because "we are not trained to support mobile apps."  Huh???  Can anyone help?

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          Mandhir Bhatia Adobe Employee



          Could you DM your details & we can look it up for you!




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            I have the exact same problem and I'd like to understand the solution if you could post it.  I've tried talk to "support" with 4 people over the last 2 days and am frustrated

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              him88 Level 1

              I would also add some details.  I paid tuition and obtained a subscription to CC through my school.  It is not free.  It is paid for by my tuition.  I switched from my CC Photography paid subscription to my CC Educational subscription and then Lightroom Mobile stopped working.  But to be very clear.  I called Adobe twice before switching and I chatted with a third person to make sure that the three applications I use would continue to work after I switched.  The three are (1) Lightroom, (2) Photoshop, and (3) Lightroom Mobile.  I was told yes they would work and my CC Educational subscription would be better because I got more apps.  To be honest, this makes no difference to me because I don't use those other apps.  I had to chat with a 4th rep this morning because my Lightroom Mobile is "expired".  I am extremely frustrated with Adobe Support.  I feel like I was given bad information to make a decision.  Furthermore, I was directed to this forum to search for an answer to my problem after the 4 attempts to get support from Support.  I searched and found two links identical to this one.  The problem is listed but not the solution.  I am sure you can appreciate the irony of talking to 4 people who give you misinformation and then being pointed to a self-serve web site where you find your problem but not the solution (twice) because I found this problem with no solution more than once.  I then found a very old link to the same problem where the solution is that you don't get Lightroom Mobile with an CC Educational subscription.  I am praying this is not the answer to my issue because as I said Adobe Support confirmed it was included before I switched and since this CC Educational subscription is not "free" - I've paid for it through my tuition.  Well you get the frustration by now I hope.  I have my fingers crossed that someone from Adobe will respond and actually resolve my issue but I suspect I will be told that I can't have what I thought I paid for.

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                him88 Level 1

                Can you help me with the same issue?