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    Are you cooling your 950 Pro?

    milkmade Level 1

      Read some great articles over at Puget systems about the 950 Pro throttling and now that I have one (wasn't planned) I'm curious if anyone who uses it for Premiere Pro and other Adobe apps, are cooling it, actively or passively or if at all?


      One thing the articles stressed was that the te3ts weren't real life scenarios that users would face, but maybe professionals. So in that sense, does premiere push it enough to throttle?


      I was thinking about getting a 12v 120mm quiet fan to mount on the side of my case targeting the m.2 slot.



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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have not seen any throttling in my running of the Premiere Pro Benchmark which writing to the 950 Pro is done at ~1500 MB/s see the attached 60 second write test at a full 1.5 GB/second without any noticeable throttling.  I did have a fan in the general vicinity.  Task Manager is not great for seeing the results

          If you look at the Disk Transfer Rate plot under the 2 GB/s marker line you can faintly see the performance of 1.5 GB/seconds is very constant for almost 60 seconds (actually the test went on for 72 seconds because I wanted to see startup).  The slight glitch you see in the usage is when I had to uncover windows.  Notice there is a similar spike in the CPU usage.


          I have frequently applied the finger touch test and never gotten uncomfortable (not very scientific but the 950 Pro does not support S.M.A.R.T which would give us temperatures).  I doubt you could ever see any throttling in editing.  That export resulted in a 108 GB file written in that 72 seconds.  This was a special stress test with three normal PPBM Disk I/O sequences where as you might guess each one normally takes 24 seconds on the 950 Pro on my system.


          I have not been able to visualize an editing situation the would be more stressful so I doubt you will ever see any throttling if you have some reasonable air flow.

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            yoRR-nl Level 1

            I think the heat will rise when you stress test the 950 to the max.. I dont see that happen very often in real time work situations. I will recive mine new build machine this week with the 950 inside. I cant wait to check it out myself

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              milkmade Level 1

              Just a quick update...I noticed the drive is usually idle at 50-52 degrees C. And its not even being used...The m.2 slot on my motherboard is right below my 1070 gtx which has a triple fan likely blowing right into it.


              Decided to mount a 120mm fan on the side panel blowing in directly at the 950 pro. It's idling at 40-43 degrees right now..And its about 85C out with no AC in my condo. Pretty dramatic results.