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    Not sending to Photoshop CC

    Jonny Stalnaker Level 1

      I have seen this question in the forums, but I do not see a resolution to it. I also went through all of the steps that I found.
      I have an Ipad Pro and am signed into the same creative cloud account on my OSX machine.

      I click send to Photoshop CC. Nothing happens.
      The project DOES show up eventually in the mobile assets library on assets.adobe.com
      The project does NOT open in Photoshop CC.


      All apps are up to date. All devices are signed into the same account. Once this issue is done, is there a way to send the project back to adobe sketch from photoshop cc?


      Please answer the first issue first.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Jonny,


          Sorry it's not working correctly. OK, some things I'd like you to do (in a particular order). I know that you've already done some of them, but if you could check again just to be sure...

          1. First log in with your Adobe ID to http://assets.adobe.com (My Assets - Mobile Creations - Sketch) and make sure all the work on your device is synced to Creative Cloud.

          2. Then,

          Make sure you're using Sketch v3.4.1

          Make sure you're using Photoshop v2015.5.0

          Make sure you're using the Creative Cloud Desktop App v3.7.0.272

          3. Next,

          Close Photoshop CC

          Log out of the Creative Cloud Desktop App (tap the CC icon, then the Gear icon, then Preferences, then Sign Out).

          Restart your laptop

          Then log back in to the Creative Cloud Desktop App

          4. Before you try to send from the app,

          Log out of Sketch (tap the Sketch icon, then the field with your name, then Sign Out).

          Restart your device

          Then log back in to the app.

          5. Once everything's running, and you're all logged in try sending your work to the desktop again.


          Let me know how that goes.



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