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    ? Recovery from External Hard Drive crash


      I have an early 2015 Macbook Air and Lightroom cc.I recently had an external hard drive crash - however I believed I had prepared for this by having all my image files (200000) in an identical file structure on an identical EHD. I imagined that when I plugged in the 'good' EHD I would ask Lightroom (using the same Catalogue - stored on my internal hard drive) and it would come up with question marks on import and the program would be able to find the files, line them up with all the keywords, collections and modifications and all would be well.

      Not so.

      There were a few of my original keywords but with fewer than 10 images (when there should have been hundreds and additional keywords that looked as though they had been grabbed from the names of some files - all in all a disaster.

      Subsequently I have imported the files from the good disk and started work on going through the images - (essentially starting from scratch - apart from modifying my Keyword structure based on what I had learned from my first effort!). I again have the same image files in the same file structure on a third identical disc. When my current working disc inevitably goes down what recovery strategy should I pursue?


      I have an extra set of image files stored on a Western Digital MY CLOUD.


      I believe I have a reasonable back-up strategy for images but I obviously need a better recovery strategy for linking all my hard work stored in my Catalogue (I am about to store extra versions of the Catalogue on other drives to prevent problems when the Macbook Air crashes).


      I do have Time Machine back up which included the Macbook and the external hard drive - should (could) I have called up an ‘image’ prior to the crash and if I did how would I connect up the various bits.

      If there is a blog/instruction that can sort me out please direct me to it - otherwise I would be grateful for help.