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    Text to print


      I would like to know how to organize a 56-page text that includes a table, and print in a size of 60 x 40 inches using Indesign, annex a screenshot of the error, the table is not organized within the text box. Thank you please help me.


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          andrewb38571671 Level 1

          It appears your problem is the tables that don't stay within the text frame? This is how InDesign works: tables can extend past the right boundary of the text frame. You'll have to adjust the column widths of the tables so that the table is no wider than the text frame. Use the text tool to drag the column borders, or select some cells and type in a new width in the tool palette at the top of the screen, shown below:


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            Salah Fadlabi Level 5

            Adjust table cells to be place inside the text frame, from screenshot i see the last column of table is outside the text frame.