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    2 BIG issues...Buggy Lightroom CC...?


      Hello everyone!  I hope someone can help or may at least have experienced the same two issues I have - and is there a solution / workaround?


      1. Every so often the top, bottom and side panels go black and I am unable to get them back unless I quit Lightroom and open it again - most frustrating when working on the images.  Is there a solution to this?
      2. When I use a local adjustment (spot heal / gradient filter / radial filter / local brush) I am unable to edit the adjustment after I have quit using it - the local button on the image disappears, so it is not possible to re-enter it again to do further adjustments.


      Are these bugs? I certainly did not have these issues previously.  Any help is VERY welcome.


      Lightroom CC (latest version) / Mac OS (latest version).


      Many thanks