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    Catalog with categories with data from spreadsheet



      I'm asking if anyone knows how to show on InDesign file one table field that represents "Category" and under that all other table entries that have that same "category"?



      I have to create catalog with InDesign, right now I'm stuck with data merge but I'm open for any other way to do this. Situation is next:

      I have spreadsheet with informations formated like this:


      And my InDesign file should show like this:


      What differs my question and my project is that under categories I have subcategories but I'm thinking if I manage to figure out how to handle categories I could do the same for SUBs.


      Thank you in advance!


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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Daniel,

          that cannot be done with InDesign's Datamerge feature.

          It could be done by scripting using e.g. ExtendScript for InDesign, if the rules how to display the data or the rules how to order the data are clear. Even formatting could be done by scripting. Rules like: "BREED" and "CLASS" must not be sorted in alphabetical order…
          The order clearly would be "CHIP NO". But only the raw number without the #-sign and the leading zeros must be displayed. There might be other rules as well.

          Rules require if->else decisions. Or rules like: Do a distinct BREED entry name only one time. Do a distinct "CLASS" entry name only one time. A script could be made flexible enough to do what you want.