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    How to achieve this photographic slide display/navigation


      I would like to know how to achieve the following:

      1. Go to http://www.corneliaadams.com/ & then click on 'michael mundy' link. this opens up a page with a slideshow of photographs that i really love. I have very basic knowledge of scripting ,a nd i usually achieve my goals by modifying flas that i have seen or by following tutorials (as opposed to writing it myself). the great thng about the above version is taht the images slide to an exact position when you click on the forward or back arrows, and they slow down ever so slightly just before stopping. Can anyone point me in the right directoin with how to achieve this, or offer a tutorial. I am really starting from scratch, and would lik eto end up with the same clean and professional outcome.

      2. regarding the same above link, when you are at the main site, and then you click the michael mundy' link, what is it that happens, is it a new html popup page that opens of specified dimensions and the embedded swf is set to stretch to maximum width/height? or is it a lone swf that pops up (with no html page)? or is that impossible?

      Many Many Many thanks in advance,