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    HELP! Scripts wont work "inside" InDesign anymore…

    DBLjan Level 3



      strange things have happend over the weekend with my company workspace, Friday everthing was fine with my scripts, but now…

      Who has a clue:


      I cant fire Script within InD anymore, by shortcut or the scripts palette. Strange thing, if i open them in AppleScriptEditor and run, everything is fine…

      But Script fired within InDesign throws:

      Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-22 um 10.33.40.png

      Other strange things happend aswell, but i cant say if IT screwed my Mac after i had gone firday. Every link in my document was broken, found out, my server was connected wrong somehow: It was mounted with an -1 behind…SRVMAR_01 had become SRVMAR_01-1…dont know why tho.