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    send data to asp w/out opening new page

    Ex Malterra Level 1
      I'm a Director developer learning Flash. So much is the same, so much is different! Anyway, I have a SWF in a web page that uses an XMLConnection component to get XML from ASP. I use the XMLConnection as the dataProvider for a two Trees. I have a button that lets users associate elements from each tree, and the requisite data is sent to another ASP page via getURL() so it can be stored in a database. All this works fine, but I don't want a new page to open, as it does with the "_blank" getURL() window argument, and I don't want the current page to change to the ASP results(nothing) as it does with "_top", "_parent", "_self" or no argument. I've tried using the send() method of a LoadVars object, but have the same problem with it. I'm thinking of an in-elegant workaround by setting the URL property of another XMLConnetion to the ASP page I need to call and then calling trigger(). The XMLConnetion component will end up not getting any data back from the ASP page but the page should still do the SQL command and update the database I think. Is there another function or object I’m unaware of that’ll let me do this in a more proper way? Thanx in advance for your suggestions.