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    Positioning and dimensions

    maguskrool Level 1

      I've been working with Flash for a couple of years and this "bug" has been around forever, I think. The "bug" is the small change in values entered on Movie Clips' (and other objects') positions or dimensions at authoring time.

      For instance, sometimes I draw a square and I make it 150*150px. I go to work on other things, then click the square again to reposition it and notice that it's not 150*150px anymore, it's 149.9*150px or something like that. The first couple of times it happened I thought that I might have accidentally nugded or re-scaled things when I clicked them, but after a while I noticed it happened independently of moving or clicking the object. Normally I wouldn't bother with 0.1px differences, but since some of my projects have involved zooming bitmaps that are divided into slices and are later assembled, well... Those 0.1px differences become much larger and easy to spot.

      Has this ever happened to anyone? Thanks.
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          This happens to me too. About 99% of the time I can just re-enter the correct size and that fixes it...or atleast it gets it closer to the correct size and i just repeat till it is the correct size.
          If anyone knows how to fix this once-and-for-all please let us know.