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    Adobe Presenter requires Flash Player



      using two different computers I have the same issue:

      one is Windows 10, one is Windows 7. In both I have Presenter 11.0


      When I try to Publish my presentation, an alert tells me that I need to upgrade my Adobe Flash Player before using that option. When I press ok, Internet Explorer opens (but my default browser is Chrome) on a page where there is a tutorial on how to activate Flash Player. I followed that tutorial, but Adobe Flash Player was already working on Explorer.

      I tried doing the same with Firefox and Chrome. I tried closing and re-opening my presentation, I tried rebooting the pc. I tried doing it on a new presentation: still, the alert appears and it doesn't allow me to Publish.


      In another discussion, a user suggested that Microsoft EMET could be blocking Flash Player, but I don't have in my PCs.


      What should I do?