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    Send form data to webservice


      Hello forum,


      I want to send a pdf form to a webservice. The form has a button with "submit" action. In the properties of it is the url.


      With Acrobat Reader on Windows Desktop it works very fine. Klick on the button sends the form, the webservice returns the new form.


      On Andoid tablet and -phone nothing happens. No error, simply nothing.


      Is it not possible to use webservices with mobile devices?


      Thanks for any help.


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          robertr24814830 Level 1

          Dear colleagues,


          is there really no one who can answer my question? Are there restrictions by using WebServices by submitting a pdf-form on mobile devices?


          I tried to submit a pdf-form as described above to a webservice. That works fine with Acrobat Reader DC on Windows (10). The pdf is send to the Webservice by klicking a Button, the webservices send a new one back.


          But on an Android-tablet (4.4.2) klicking the Button does nothing.That's a pity ;-).


          Thanks again for any help.