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    "Unknown File I/O input error" (Storage issue?)

    taylorm36109209 Level 1

      Hey guys, was having an issue in AE CC 2015.2.


      I've kind of been going through the paces getting back to 2015.2 after updating to 2015.3 because some of my plug ins don't work on the newer update. I proceeded to do some stuff, something crashed I believe during an odd auto-save and I needed to force quit AE and now I've been having "Unknown File I/O input error" when I try to save additional anything into my projects.


      Reading through other forum helps, it's seems that most often this issue is related to trying to save to a full drive or when your projects are being saved off to a server or something distant. Because this feels like it's potentially a hardware issue, here's my drive set up for Editing.




      I've tried to save of to my OS/Program File drive just to see if it made a difference, but it didn't.


      I don't know if this helps, just giving more info I guess, but I'm pasting a series of mocha masks onto solid layers from a video that is 3 hours long and using them to create animal "animations" for a test project. I can only paste so many of these masks and then there comes a point where one more will give me the I/O error.


      The drive labeled RAID 0 is 2 1tb drives in that configuration. But it seems that 730 GB and 224 GB is ample space for most things so I'm confused.


      Let me know what other information you require.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How many masks are we talking about?

          Try installing CC 2014 and see if it behaves.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            20 shouldn't be an issue. Although, there were some issues with CC 2015. I'd be interested to see if you have issues with that sort of thing in CC 2015.3 or CC 2014.


            What plugins did you have that worked in CC 2015, but not CC 2015.3? The plugin architecture didn't change between the two. All of mine work across both versions.


            Remember, you can have CC 2015 and CC 2015.3 installed alongside each other (and alongside CC 2014 too).

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              taylorm36109209 wrote:


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              Whatever you tried to send didn't come through. If you attached something, it didn't work. Email attachments don't come through to the forum. You have to actually come to the forum page to attach images.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                I can only paste so many of these masks and then there comes a point where one more will give me the I/O error.

                Clipboards only have so much capacity, you know. On a 3 hour video, mocha could be generating so much data it would completely exceed any of the (hardcoded) limits. Simply work with smaller sections.



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                  Arie Stavchansky Level 2

                  I've come across this File I/O error on CC 2014, and now the error asserts itself as a Warning on CC 2015 and above.  On CC 2018, it says "After Effects Warning: Error With File: Z:\Projects\test.aep"  Even though this warning is thrown as a modal dialog, the file gets written to the location without any issue — no corruption, etc.


                  I only get this error when I save from After Effects to a Mapped Drive on Microsoft Windows 10.  I'm using the standard //SERVER/share format for connecting to the mapped drive.  I should note I'm am saving a a blank project — no project items are present, so it's definitely not a footage resource or space issue.  It's likely to do with some kind of permissions that AE invokes upon saving the file to the network location.  I've tried mapping the drives as an Administrator and as a normal user — nothing is different.  I'm not sure what the case is as other applications write to the same mapped network drive without error.


                  if anybody has any solutions that would be great!




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                    Mauro Achille

                    Same error here. I have a composition with houndreds of masks. It seems that there' s some kind of limit for the amount of masks that you can have in a project. I tried to create new masks in different compositions, but with the same result. It only fixes itself when i reduce the amount  of masks. At least in my case, it is the only explanation that i found..

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                      Arie Stavchansky Level 2



                      My issue is not related to the amount of contents within the project.  I get the "Unknown File I/O Error" when I just save a brand new project file to an SMB connected share.


                      However, I've dug a little deeper and think I found out something that should be documented on the course to a solution — even if there is none.  First, the I/O error only happens when I write to a mapped network drive on a Windows machine (via SMB) wherein the hosted share is on a macOS volume formatted in APFS running High Sierra 13.3.3.


                      The macOS in question has another physical volume mounted to it, and which are also mapped via SMB to the Windows machine.  After Effects CC (both 2017 and 2018) writes project files without any errors to mapped drives that are hosted on non-APFS formatted volumes.  The other physical volume connected and mounted to the iMac is formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and After Effects on Windows writes to shares on that volume without any error.  Likewise, I am able to map a network drive via SMB to on the Windows machine to a share hosted on a NAS with volumes formatted with EXT-0 (Linux) — After Effects writes fine to that drive mapping as well.


                      Now, it seems like After Effects is the only application that is throwing that error, which leads me to think that it's some kind of protocol thing that AE hasn't taken into account with SMB3 running on APFS volumes.  Not sure, but it's just a thought.  For example, no error is thrown when I save from Notepad,


                      Hopefully this helps somebody, but I've done a fair amount of tinkering and really think it's something to do with AE's implementation of writing project files to SMB networked drives.  I don't think it's High Sierra or Windows since other applications write their native file type without any issue.



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                        Arie Stavchansky Level 2

                        OMG, I think I solved this!


                        Okay, I did a bit more investigating on SMB and Windows 10.  Apparently, you can disabled different SMB versions to troubleshoot, according to this Microsoft support article.


                        So, just to troubleshoot I ran this command in an "Administrator" run instance of Powershell




                        This lists all the network connections, and under the column "Dialect" it shows you what version of SMB your mapped drives are using.  In my case, my NAS was using 1.5, and my macOS shares were using 3.0.1


                        Now, I decided to disable SMB 3 thinking that this this might be the issue — maybe SMB 3 doesn't work well with APFS volumes yet I thought.


                        So, I started up an "Administrator" command prompt instance, and used the "Disable smbv2/smbv3" command as shown in the Microsoft Support article like so:


                        sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/nsi
                        sc.exe config mrxsmb20 start= disabled


                        That disables both smb version 2 and version 3.  I restarted my Windows machine, and now AE writes perfectly to the SMB share since Windows relies on SMB 1.  I think SMB 3 works great if the share is hosted on a non-APFS formatted drive, but if you host a share on an APFS formatted drive via SMB on Windows 10, I don't think version 3 handles it with grace.


                        Hope this helps somebody out there on the Interwebs!