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    "Unknown File I/O input error" (Storage issue?)

    taylorm36109209 Level 1

      Hey guys, was having an issue in AE CC 2015.2.


      I've kind of been going through the paces getting back to 2015.2 after updating to 2015.3 because some of my plug ins don't work on the newer update. I proceeded to do some stuff, something crashed I believe during an odd auto-save and I needed to force quit AE and now I've been having "Unknown File I/O input error" when I try to save additional anything into my projects.


      Reading through other forum helps, it's seems that most often this issue is related to trying to save to a full drive or when your projects are being saved off to a server or something distant. Because this feels like it's potentially a hardware issue, here's my drive set up for Editing.




      I've tried to save of to my OS/Program File drive just to see if it made a difference, but it didn't.


      I don't know if this helps, just giving more info I guess, but I'm pasting a series of mocha masks onto solid layers from a video that is 3 hours long and using them to create animal "animations" for a test project. I can only paste so many of these masks and then there comes a point where one more will give me the I/O error.


      The drive labeled RAID 0 is 2 1tb drives in that configuration. But it seems that 730 GB and 224 GB is ample space for most things so I'm confused.


      Let me know what other information you require.