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    Character head won't tilt


      I am having problems getting my character's head to tilt instead of being warped with the body.  I've put together a few puppets and never ran into this issue and I'm not sure what is wrong.  Here is a dropbox link:


      Dropbox - gorlog_puppet_low_res_test_01_B.zip


      For some reason when I tilt my head it treats the head and the body as one object.  The character only has one eyebrow but I tried cutting it in half and labeling the eyebrows traditionally and it did not solve the issue.  All of my shortcuts work (although I haven't set them up in that zip file) but I tried removing all of them to see if one of them might be the issue and still have the same problem.


      I'm sure it's something simple but for the life of me I can't figure it out.



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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          First off - amazingly cool character. Please tweet to me or something if you livestream with this guy, would love to tune in.


          I think it's because the character has no neck - essentially CH is treating it as one big mesh, so a head pivot means it pulls the body along too. It sounds like you want it to move more independently, which gives you 2 choices:


          1. If you only want the head to move and not affect the body at all, try making the Head group warp independent and use the staple tool where you want the pivot point to be.

          2. If you want the body to move a little as the head moves, try instead making the parts inside the head warp independent, so stuff like the eyes, nose, background, etc.

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            lauraa19563537 Level 1

            Thank you for the tips!


            I found that option #2 worked best for what I was going for. 


            It might be worth noting that I did have to make sure that everything inside of the head (nose, eyes, headbg etc) had to be in it's own folder in the psd file to be able to warp them independently.  When they were just a merged layer (like the nose) I was not able to check the "warp independently" box.


            This solved all of my issues and the tilting works great.  But doing this did seem to limit the ability to move the head up and down even with Head Position Strength at 100%...I'm not sure if there is an additional workaround for head position after making these adjustments.

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              Yes, unfortunately currently only groups can be checked warp independent - you can also still add the "+" to a layer in Photoshop, which will automatically turn it into a group when imported. This will likely change in the future to be more inclusive.


              I spent a while trying to figure out the head up/down issue and I was stumped. I cranked it up to 999% and it still wasn't working for me, whereas if I do it for the default blue Photoshop guy (Stannie) his head goes flying around. I finally got some results when I deleted the "Hard Down" group inside the left eye. For whatever reason - and I'm still not sure why to be honest - that was throwing everything off. You might need to experiment with how that effect works in different ways if you want to retain that more fluid head position.

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                lauraa19563537 Level 1

                Awesome, I'll try that out - thanks again!