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    Need Help Exporting 8K Timelapse for YouTube

    vincent2261 Level 1

      I'm starting to delve into the world of timelapse photography with my Sony A7Rii.  Since the files are so large, I figured that I could export them in 8K; however, I've been having some issues finding out what settings are the best.  I've been trying to export to Adobe Media Encoder and using H.265, but the file sizes are like 8mb which seems way too small and neither my computer, nor youtube can play them (it's probably because my computer doesn't have the codecs to read that file).  I tried exporting it with After Effects, and that seemed to work, but I want the highest quality possible and from what I've been hearing H.265 is the way to go.  For After Effects I have been exporting them in AVI.  I also saw someone exporting their timelapse as a jPEG sequence then importing that into premiere.  It should be noted that my timelapses require some warp stabilizing and will be combined into a movie most likely in Premiere.