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    Movieclip _x position help

    FirstNforthFinger Level 1
      Hello i have been stuck with this one piece of actionscript for weeks. The movie is a header for my website and the code i need help with makes a small Movieclip called "slider" move from left to right across the x axis when you hover over the navigation buttons. At the moment the "slider" MC loads on the right of the screen (ive found how to make it spawn where ever i like along _x) and slides to the position x 0.0 on the far left of the canvas ..

      This in no good though. I really need the slider to stop at a position specified in ActionScript so i can change it depending on what button was last clicked on a page so the new header in the selected page can easily be modified to stop the slider at the correct "Visited state" button. Its hard to explain ( Trust me )

      Here is the troublesome AS,

      I appreciate any help! Thanks.x