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    Acrobat XI Pro - action wizard prompts to save


      For a particular project I need to read a folder containing several thousand RTF files and save them as PDF files. I have successfully done this with "Action Wizard" (and precursors) in earlier versions of Acrobat, but cannot get it to work in XI Pro. Which is all I have available now.


      The script reads each file correctly, saves it as a PDF correctly, but then will not continue until I save the "original" file. It seems that opening the RTF creates some trivial change, and the Action Wizard will not continue without saving or discarding that change. I have tried to add additional save steps, and have looked for some sort of "close" action that would discard the open file. But without success. How can I make this work? I don't want to press "Cancel" 1200 times over the course of an hour, once a week.


      Thanks for any suggestions.