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    CMYK to sRGB color matching. Adobe vs Pantone

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      I've posted this in the PS group before I discovered a drop-down menu with more groups. Don't know if this is the correct one either but its about colors at least.


      When I use a physical color chip reference from Pantone, like for instance the Color Bridge Plus Series, the CMYK to sRGB conversion doesn't match what I get within the color tools in any Adobe app. In other words I get different RGB values from the CMYK colors than what the PMS reference guide is quoting. I'm working in sRGB and the RGB that Pantone is referring to is also sRGB.


      Example: The CMYK color C52 M11 Y0 K0 is bridged to R131 G186 B234 in the Color Bridge reference but when I enter that CMYK value in the color picker tool in any Adobe app the RGB is defined as R112 G187 B232. I've tried this with numerous colors now and they never match the PMS Bridge reference. Sometimes the numbers are so different that they don't even look related.


      When I contact Pantone they say that Adobe needs to update their color libraries in order to match what they claim is the correct color definition, but this is NOT from any built in color library, it's happening when I enter the digits inside the color tool where I normally use a pipette! So in other words it's a live CMYK to sRGB conversion, not a stored library reference.


      So what's happening here? Is Adobe's way of actually technically bridging color codes wrong?