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    screen duration

      in captivate, i can not capture the entire length of the tutorial i am making. i've changed the slide duration with a little success, but does not translate completely when i walk through my capture process. need help on changing the duration of the entire clip so it capture everything i need. thx
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          SShipe Level 1
          I am not sure that I fully understand what you are referring to when you say that you cannot capture more than 3 seconds. It does not sound like you are referring to using the Full Motion Capture option (F9/F10), but yet you are expecting a recording like that in which everything on screen is captured while capture is running. Captivate does not record in real time unless Full Motion has been activated and even that is only designed for short periods such as capturing a drag and drop action or scrolling. The standard capture is for Captivate to grab a screen capture when an event is triggered such as clicking a button on screen with the mouse. This will tell Captivate to take a screen capture and when you are done, it will extrapolate the position of the cursor from one screen to the next to determine the mouse path.

          The timing of a slide itself is defaulted to 3 seconds, but can be changed. This has no bearing on the original capture though; it has more to do with the length of time the slide will display in playback mode.