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    How to make PP use more of the available hardware resources to render video?

    LuMags Level 1

      Good Evening all,


      I dont know if this has been asked before, at least recently, but my machine is rendering videos right now but Task Manager suggests its barely thinking about it - but rendering is taking aaaages! I'm running on Win 10 x64 on a Dell PE T1102 so its a dual quad with an Nvidea GeForce GT630. Ok yes the RAM is a bit on the low side at 4GB but even then its not using much more than half of it and this is the only app running. Also running 2x SAS on RAID1 (mirrored) as my C / Scratch disks and 2x 1tb Hybrid SSDs (mirrored). I'm using Creative Cloud versions so all up to date.


      The use of the software is brilliant, its the rendering at the end that is frustrating!


      Not max resources at all.JPG

      Can anyone advise me on how I can tweak Premiere (or Media Encoder in particular) to use more resources and thus render faster please?


      Many thanks in advance,