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    Mac > Windows 10 - Moving photos off of external hard drive to C: drive or?

    Big Swifty 23 Level 1

      First time Windows user; not much experience with LR/PS/cc.


      Before selling my MacBook I copied all of my photo files to an external drive. I just built a Windows PC and want to copy files from the external drive onto the C: drive.


      In the File Explorer I see the external drive, the C: drive, and under 'This PC' a section called 'Pictures.' Within this are three folders: Camera Roll, Lightroom, Saved Pictures. Within 'Lightroom' is: Lightroom Catalog Previews, Lightroom Catalog, Lightroom Catalog.Ircat.lock,  Lightroom Catalog.Ircat-journal.


      Just downloaded PS and LR and the above must have been placed on my computer during the download.


      My question is where do I copy the files on my external drive to? One of the above or to the C: drive?


      Thanks for any help/suggestions.