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    Reeeeeeeely Elementary....how do I......



      I have Photoshop 7 on my XP computer.  For my Win 10 I bought Elements 14 and Premiere Elements 14.  [I will grouse that there seems to be a lot of re-naming of steps.  I suspect that "selecting" is now "Clipping."  And why doesn't Premiere just say it is movie editing in the name>  And controls and panels are in different positions from PS.  This seems artificial, and I suspect it is about marketing.  Despite all this obfuscation, I have managed to do some work in Elements as a truncated PS, and it works for me.]


      For audio


      BUT!!!    I cannot do ANYTHING upon opening Premiere.

      I have a longish recording of my band just off the Windows Video Recorder (probably not called that) in my Windows 10 laptop.

      I want to select one song and put it on YouTube.

      For audio recordings, I use Audacity, and find it pretty evident how to work it.

      However.....in Premiere I can't find how to do the simplest things.

      First, I can only fast-forward, pretty slowly, through the vid to get to the song.

      Second, I can't actually see how to select a section and save it separately.


      And I cannot seem to find, easily, how to do these things in the Help section, the instruction videos, or online.


      So I'm not asking y'all how to do these things, but asking if there is a book you'd recommend for starting to use this program.

      Premiere For Dummies?

      Looking for something absolutely, ah, Elementary.  Or else excruciatingly thorough.




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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          If you want to learn video editing, there is no better way than to take the Premier Elements course at Lynda.com.  I did and now understand.  It will take you about a weekend to do it. 


          If you don't want to learn anything and only want a quick fix, set the work area bars at the section you want.  Then, at output, check the "Work Area Bars Only" box.  It is really easy.



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            denno Level 1

            Bill, thanks for your prompt reply.

            Maybe it is just too late at night, but I cannot even re-open what I was attempting to work on before, nor restart it as a new project.  Can't figure out how I did it a few hours ago!


            This is pretty hopeless.  I have actually ordered the "Dummies" book.  Wish me luck!


            Thanks for the remarks on Lynda.com.  I will take that under advisement when I want to do anything but simple song clips.