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    Are "Opentype Truetype" fonts suitable for print?


      Somewhat of an amateur question but my lecturer has remarked that I've used TrueType fonts in my document which "cannot be printed". When checking my fonts (e.g. Century Gothic Regular and Lucida Handwriting) in InDesign, they are "OpenType TrueType". I've tried to find just "OpenType Type 1" listed fonts but I can only find one in the whole list (Minion Pro) and even the most common such as Times New Roman are listed as "OpenType TrueType".


      Is it possible to print "OpenType Truetype" or do I need to change it into just "OpenType" is possible? (If anyone could recommend more Type 1 fonts that I could use if I need to, tha'd be great).


      I'd sincerely appreciate any help.

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Ask your teacher what the problem is. There should be no technical problem with either TrueType or Type 1 flavoured OpenType fonts – and, indeed, neither with 'real' TrueType and old school "plain" Type 1 fonts. InDesign can handle all of them.


          Unless ... your teacher noticed that the fonts you used are not allowed to embed! If a font cannot be embedded, you cannot reliably create a PDF out of it to send off to the printer.


          Whether or not "embedding" is allowed is up to the font designer, and saved as a setting in the font itself. InDesign honors this, and it will never embed a font where it is not explicitly allowed.


          You can check if this is the case for your document with the Find Font dialog:




          (If none of you fonts have such restrictions, then you'd need to ask your teacher.)

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            If you can embed them you don't have a problem to deliver a printable PDF. Export the INDD as PDF/X-4 (or other X-standards) and if this is ok, you are ok with printing, if this fails, because the flag of the font doe not allow embedding, the printer will have to have the font installed. But even then it is ok to print.

            I recommend only to use PDFs for print.