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    please help! scale to browser fit not working

    dominikr47972123 Level 1

      i asked this on another forum and also in this forum some time ago, but until now nobody could help me and i really need to know this.

      the website i am working on is meant to be adaptive design. to make things easier i startet in fluid design and set four breakpoints with fixed widths.

      all elements are set to not scale.

      now there are a lot of people telling me that devices like phones and tablets will scale the websites to fit their browsers, but in my case this is not happening. means that in the end, my layout is displayed nice but always with a more or less wide space left and right of the screen. i saw a lot of websites done with muse which have not this problem. they scale just perfectly to the widths of different devices.


      have a look at this site on a mobile device and flip the phone from portrait to landscape. see how the site fits perfectly left and right? thats exactly what i want. what am i missing here? (dont use the google resizer to look at the site, it will not be displayed as an actual phone does)



      if just somebody could help me with this!

      here is my .muse file: