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    Adobe Stock - Poor Information on cancellation fees




      I've been using stock for about a year, and downloading this and that occasionally for a one-time-price, which I think have worked out fine. Now suddenly I'm being charged monthly for a subscription, and I really have no idea how it got to this point. But alas, I can admit that I may have made a mistake along the line and not read the fine-printed text which I probably should have. So I wanted to cancel the subscription, but that tells me I have to pay $150 in cancellation fee?! Are you kidding me?

      So you mean to tell me that a highly regarded company such as Adobe has trapped me in a subscription plan where I have to pay $150 to get out of? This is not acceptable at all. And on top of that, I have no access to any form of communication (Chat button is dead) to adobe, other than phone (hard since I live in Norway) And what's been pointed out here on several other threads.


      Cancel my stock subscription. This is outrageous and customer hostility at it's worst. Shame on you. This is not okay.