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    Projector problems with v.10.1

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      Has anyone noticed a problem with creating Windows projectors in v.10.1?

      For one, the projector does not open full-screen like I configure it to, and
      always opens in a window regardless of the Publish Settings.
      Also embedded Flash files in the presentation don't want to work.

      Creating a stub projector in v.10.1 (to access a dcr movie) shows errors
      when the projector starts up the movie and says that certain files and Xtras
      are missing...
      e.g. the dirapi.dll file can't be found (even though it is present in the
      Xtras folder which is correctly located) and it wants Font and Text Xtras
      (which I can see are present in the Xtras folder)

      Also some Xtras like Vector Shape and Flash Movie Xtras cannot be found -
      and I can't locate these anywhere to include them in the Xtras folder (?)

      When I use an old stub projector which was created in v.8.5, things seem to
      work fine - however that is not a solution for me since I would like to
      include Flash 8 movies in the presentation which would require Director

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.