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    INDD file locked "in use". No IDLK file. Server says file not in use.


      I have a user with am Indd file that will not open in indesign - reports that it is in use by the user.

      have used windows open files tool to close any open instances of this file from the server. no joy - still reports open.

      I have looked for an idlk file on the users share, the file server and on the users local machine - no sign of one anywhere.

      I have had the user completely log out and shut down machine.


      We do not typically encrypt our files but the files in question are all showing green with the encryption checked. - when I attempt to remove encryption, from the server with the domain admin account I get access denied - option to ignore, but that does not unencrypt the file.


      How do I get my user into her file?

      Why are the files encrypted?