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    Why can't I search an image by number??

    designbyfit Level 1

      When designing items for clients I always use the watermarked images before final approval. I can't tell you how infuriating it is to get an image approved and then not be able to find it when it comes time to license. The images come with a number in the bottom right hand corner. They are also saved by that number when you download the preview. Why can't you type that number into the search bar in adobe stock and have the image pop-up when you hit enter?


      I was very upset when dollarphotoclub got bought out. I loved the ability to "like" or "save" pictures that I might use in the future and organize them into project folders. Now if I find an image I really like I just forget about it. It's too annoying to have to download it, or re-search for it later. I realize you can save things in libraries, but that is very messy compared to the way dollarphotoclub was setup and it would be really nice to just have it all in Adobe stock.