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    Doc assignment label does not persist

    vinothr Level 3


      If you set label property of assignment then it does not persist.

      NOTE: Setting label property value as assignment.label = "something";



      1. In an InDesign document, create an assignment.

      2. Set the label property of the assignment to some value.

      3. Update assignment, Save document, and close

      4. Reopen the InDesign document and check the label property of the assignment.

      It is gone. It does not persist.


      Strangely, if this ICMA document is opened in InCopy then the label property can be retrieved.

      The ICMA xml document also contains the label value that has been set.


      Why is it not showing up again after reopening InDesign doc.

      This issue exists in InDesign CC 2014 and CC 2015 (Win and Mac)