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    help folder re-structure


      I'll  be succinct. In Windows by default you have the Pictures folder. By my mistake at some point I created a folder also named pictures as a subdirectory in the Windows Pictures folder. In Lightroom 2015 I have some photos saved in the Picture folder and others in the sub pictures dir. My folder organizational structure in Lightroom is Pictures/year/date. I also have that pictures sub dir,unfortunately with a weird organizational structure. How do I eliminate the Pictures sub dir in Window and in Lightroom, and have the photos on the sub dir to be in the main Pictures by year/date structure? I hope I don't have to drag and drop photos. I hope that's not confusing. Thanks!

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          dj_paige Level 10

          If it is a simple folder restructuring, with only a few folders being moved in their entirety, you might be able to simply copy the folders in your operating system and then reconnect in Lightroom using "Update Folder Location". Follow the directions in "Part 2 — Updating Folder Location" of this document: Adobe Lightroom - Find moved or missing files and folders


          If it's a really complicated restructure, where some photos in a folder go to one location and other photos in the same folder go to another location, and so on, I think you're going to have to drag and drop each photo (or group of photos). I am not recommending this! In this case, you might be better off ignoring the folder problem you describe, leave everything where it is, and use keywords and other metadata to organize and search. I guess it depends on how much effort you have to put into this folder restructure versus the perceived value.

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            Thanks for the quick response. I'll work on this and see how things go.