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    Macromedia Flash Player vs Adobe Flash Player




      I am reading articles Adobe Flash Player and Macromedia Flash Player are the same ... but I have machine Windows Server 2012 R2 with both software installed... Adobe is in the Add/Remove Programs, Macromedia is not... it is only in registry.. so



      what is the patch to upgrade both ways ?



      I have Adobe Flash player which is in Add/Remove Programs...

      Macromedia Flash Player which is in the registry...

      Different locations? Different Names? Different versions?

      How could it be the same as the upgrade doesn't looks like the same either !!


      It seems they are still living their life on their own...

      What are the latest versions? Links please?





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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          adobe flash player and macromedia flash player are interchangeable terms.


          You indicate you are on Windows Sever 2012, but you don't indicate which browser you are referring to, nor which Flash Player type (e.g. ActiveX Control for IE/Edge, NPAPI for Firefox, PPAPI for Chromium-based browsers) so my reply will reference these 3 player types.


 is a very old version of Flash Player, released October 16, 2015. is the most recent version of Flash Player for IE, is the most recent version for NPAPI and PPAPI based browsers.  See http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about for the latest versions for each supported platform.


          If the versions you are referring to is for either the NPAPI or PPAPI plugin, run the Flash Player uninstaller to completely remove the plugin from your system and then go to https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer to download and install the latest version.


          If the versions you are referring to are for the ActiveX Control it can indicate that Microsoft didn't completely remove the old version when it installed the update to the latest version. Since Microsoft embeds Flash Player in IE/Edge in Windows 8 and above (including Server 2012), to my knowledge, there is nothing you can do to remove the reference to the old version.  Just ensure that the browser detects the new version.  Note that the Flash Player uninstaller does not remove the embedded version of Flash Player.


          To verify which version you currently have installed, launch the browser and navigate to https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html and click the 'check now' button.  The widget will obtain the OS, browser, and Flash Player version, if installed, and display it.  Repeat for each browser you use, as different browsers may use different player types.

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            duchemindo Level 1

            Thanks a lot for this detailed answer...

            Windows Sever 2012 IE 6 to IE 11 Macromedia FlashPlayerActiveX


            "there is nothing you can do to remove the reference to the old version." this is an issue as the Vulnerability scans through Nessus or Rapid7 detect all of them as long as there is a reference on the machine!!!


            Finally this means even the previous version was "Macromedia FlashPlayerX" in the registry the upgrade has to be "Adobe Flash Player Active X" which will go to the add/remove programs... Anyway to cleanup the registries?




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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              I'm not aware of a solution. Since this is on Sever 2012 and Microsoft releases the Flash Player updates for IE/Edge on Server 2012 it's up to them to properly clean up the system during an upgrade.  If they're not properly cleaning up the system, I recommend contacting them for a solution.