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    I want to make an ISO image of a Blu Ray I Made Premiere Elements 4


      I have Premiere Elements 4.  I'm happy to upgrade to the latest version if that will solve my problem, and if someone shows me where to get it.


      Here is my difficulty.


      I spent many hours putting together a Blu Ray with chapters and nice Menu Screens and all of that.  It takes, even on my good computer, more than 3 hours to burn a Blu Ray because it has to start over every time to render the menus and video.


      I would like to make something that I believe is called an ISO, or perhaps a Disc Image.  I can do this in Roxio,but their menus are awful.


      I would like to be able to pull up my ISO or Disc Image, and just have it burn everything to my Blu Ray Disc without having to take 3 hours.


      Does anyone have a suggestion?


      Thank you!