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    Making tabs in a paragraph style based on a where a nested style ends

    Jacob Finkelstein Level 1

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm working a list that has bold leaders using a nested style. What I want to do is have my light text line up with the line above it. However, I can't just set a regular tab up in the style because my bold leaders are of varying lengths.


      Is there a way to configure the paragraph style so that the light text on any line below the first line will indent to where the light text began on the first line?


      Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.13.52 PM.png

      In the example above I want my light text on the second line to indent to where the red line is. Notice that the bold leaders in each paragraph are of varying lengths. I know this can be done manually but I want to try and do this with a paragraph style.


      Please advise.


      Thanks everyone!