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    Trouble saving to the cloud


      I am a high school teacher.  I am using an e-textbook that I have in PDF form.  I have my students using Samsung Tablets.  Each student has created an Adobe cloud account.  The students then uploaded the e-text from the tablet to the cloud account and renamed it.  Each day when they come to class, they have to retrieve the e-text from the cloud.  We then work in the e-text, filling in answers to questions, journal prompts, and diagrams.  At the end of the period, the  students check the Recent tab in Adobe and see their e-text file listed there.  They are able to check the time of the last sync, date and see the picture of the cloud, which I think means that the e-text has been saved.  The problem is when they come to the next class, many of the students are encountering either a corrupted file or none of the work they did has been saved.  I am wondering if there is something else I could do to ensure that their work is being saved?