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    RH webhelp output size increase

      I'm a recent upgrade from RH v9.1 to RH X5.0.2.

      When I generate Webhelp output from X5, my output folder size is approx 2x the size of the webhelp output from v9.1. Is there any way to generate "lean" webhelp output (similar in size to what I was getting from v9.1)? Thanks.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi stealthrt

          Hmmm, this is almost like comparing spiders to hedgehogs. The WebHelp differences are many between these versions. There is much we don't know and will need to, in order to provide a reasonably coherent answer.

          Is your WebHelp output in X5 using a skin? Skins weren't available in version 9.1 and they have many different aspects that can make the folder size grow.

          This is just one possible explanation.

          Cheers... Rick