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    Customizing digital signature appearance




      I'm using Acrobat Pro DC to sign and seal engineering documents with a digital certificate from IdenTrust.  The engineering documents are being issued in the State of Florida, which has extremely specific requirements about the language associated with the signature.  From what I have found, Acrobat offers the ability to customize the signature appearance, but only provides a few check boxes with pre-selected text options.


      Is it possible to create a fully customized signature appearance using the IdenTrust digital certificate and the language that is required to be included in the signature with it?


      Here's a link to the page describing the required verbiage (paged 43 & 44):



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Here's a link to some information that should help: Custom Signature Appearances — Digital Signatures Guide for IT


          The idea is you can create one or more files that contain the appearances you want to use, which can include anything a PDF page can include, which look to be sufficient to meet those requirements. You can set up as many appearances as needed.

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            kenh41209863 Level 1

            I see that you can modify the graphic to include whatever you like, but that this appears exclusively on the left hand side.  For example, I could put a graphic of my engineer's seal on the left.


            However, what I don't see is the option to customize the text fields on the right hand side, aside from the standard Adobe check-boxes.  I guess I'm hoping to set up the signature to look exactly like the example from my link, where my name and the date are fields that populate upon signing, so that nit-picky reviewers stop rejecting my plans.




            Any suggestions?

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              kenh41209863 Level 1

              Also, thank you for the reply.

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                George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                It looks like the date is the only dynamic element of the wording that they suggest, and it looks like they give you some flexibility with the "Formatting of seals and text similar to that depicted below may be used." statement.


                So you could set up the signature appearance so that the only standard text it shows is the date, and use a static appearance that includes the suggested wording, so that it would look like this:




                The date is a bit large, unfortunately, and I don't know of a way to control that, but it has all of the elements.


                An alternative that gives you precise control over the appearance would be to use a dynamic stamp and apply it before adding the signature. A script could then either make it read-only or flatten it, and you could then add a signature without any appearance (e.g., a blank space for the reason) on top.