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    InDesign Server eventually claims it is unlicensed after errors?


      We have two Premium licenses to InDesign Server, and to work around issues with bad templates have them restart when a Fatal error is experienced.


      One of these two servers had 4 of 14 threads go into a fatal restart loop where we tried to create new worker threads over and over and then killed them when they didn't pass our health check.


      After about 24 hours of this InDesign Server stops responding to new requests:


      Manually if I run:

      PS C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC Server 2014> .\InDesignServer -port 12345


      I get


      08/19/16 15:34:06 ERROR [server] Adobe InDesign Server is not properly licensed and will now quit.

      Usage: InDesignServer [options]


      Normally it would not return anything indicating success and a valid license.


      After another day or so the license seems to recover itself.


      We are about to ramp up our production usage substantially as we switch more of our customers from InDesign Server CS6 to InDesign Server CC 2014.

      I suspect some thread limit of 65535 or so is being hit due to our thrashing when unable to recover a worker thread.


      Is there a way to forcibly reset the license to realize it is valid, ideally without disturbing threads doing active work (in the instance above the other 10 threads)?


      Obviously if this happens during heavy production use, this means once an instance goes down, even if we fix our restart issue, there is no recovering it.


      The Server is Windows 2012 R2, and has access to the internet to phone home on the license.

      It does seem to timeout and realize the license is valid after a day or so, but this is obviously problematic if we can't spin up new instances in the mean time.


      The other server did not have the errors, and therefore did not experience the license issue.


      Any help much appreciated.


      Robert Janssen

      VP of Engineering Services

      Naehas, Inc.