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    Beginner question that I can't find through searching.


      I haven't been successful in searching this problem in google so I come to you guys:


      So far I have been using PhoneGap Desktop and PhoneGap Developer on my phone. Basically I create the project in phonegap desktop and then edit the js, css, and html inside .www. When I run it on PhoneGap Developer on my phone it works perfectly.


      Now when I then zip that project and upload it to phonegap build, and then scan it on to my nexus 5, the app it gives me is this default template screen with the phonegap icon and some "device ready" text. It does not show the app that I made.


      What can I be doing wrong? Is this not a common problem or do I just not know what to search for?


      Also, Is making a new project through phonegap desktop not the right way to get a basic barebones project going?


      Thanks for reading

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Using those tools is a great way to start developing your PhoneGap application if you are going to use the CLI. If you are planning to use PhoneGap Build, then you have some work to do.


          PhoneGap Build only wants the www folder. The other folders the Desktop app created are not needed by PGB nor should they be upload to PGB.


          Also the config.xml file is in the wrong location. It needs to be in the same directory as the index.html file.


          Icons and splash screens need to be within the www folder as well. You will probably need to adjust the file paths to all of the references in the file.


          Hope this starts you on the right track



          creator of ConfiGAP, a tool for PhoneGap Build's config.xml file