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      Hi, Folks!

      I'm trying to set up hyperlinks from RoboHelp to documents (Word, Excel) on our network. So I use the Link To drop-down on the Create Hyperlink form to navigate to the desired document. When I click "OK," I get a query to the effect of "Copy <file> to ..."
      which, if I click Yes, I end up with the desired document being copied to my C: drive's Temporary Internet Files folder. If I click "No," I get no hyperlink at all.

      Why the copying to the C: drive? Why not just access the file I want (which happens to be on the same drive as my RoboHelp project)?

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          In my experience with the robohelp tool if using the file path to hyperlink it is best to use a full network path as some pcs may not have the appropriate mapped drives..
          ie file://<server name>/<share>/<filename>
          This would require not copying the file into your project but i read that you are not getting the hyperlink at all if you choose not to copy. If this is the case you could switch to TRUE CODE and find the appropriate text that you want to add the link to and add it yourself.
          ie. <a href="file://<server name>/<share>/<filename> ">Click Here For File</a>
          Or even still if the network server that the webhelp proj. is running on uses a web protocol then you can link to the file as if it were any other web address
          ie. <a href=" http://<server>/<share>/<filename>">Your Text</a>
          This should not prompt you to copy the file into the project
          Hope this helps
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            Thanks so much for your reply!

            I couldn't figure out how to link to a Network drive by name. It would work by drive letter, but not when I replaced it with the drive name. The piece I was missing was the share. It wouldn't find the file because I wasn't adding the share name, so it didn't have the complete path. But when I add the share name it works like a charm :-)
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              Lonno7 Level 1
              Hi, Drew!

              Thanks for the tip -- it was exactly what I needed. One extra problem we had to deal with, though, was that the "&" was being coded as %26, which the system was not interpreting correctly, so the page could not be accessed. We went into the code and simply made it back into an ampersand, and it worked fine.

              Thanks again,
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                2 for 1 allright

                Glad I could help,
                Drew G