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    Website Resizing issues.

    Josh Tempelaars Level 1

      Ok so I'm the first to admit when it comes to website design I'm not good. This is why I turned to Muse because it allows me to create a great deal easier than if I were to try it in Dream Weaver. How ever for the last few day's I have been faffing around with my website trying to learn the ins and outs of responsive design, And I have to say I am majorly frustrated. Now I understand there are a million different screen resolutions out there especially with mobile devices. But my main issue at the moment is dealing with website height. For what ever reason I just can't seem to get things right when it comes to this. I try one thing and the footer when the website gets to small goes over the main content or under I can't quite tell, on a mobile device like an iphone 5 the footer doesn't show at all and I have to scroll down a fair bit.


      The width part of fluid design I feel I have a handle on somewhat but what always gets me or at least what has been bothering me the last few days is the height issues. I'm just wondering how you professionals deal with these issues? Or at the very least if anyone has advice/tutorials on what I can do to make the whole height thing easier for me to understand. Because I feel like I'm missing a few key bits of information to allow me to create something functional.