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    Slow Interface


      Is the gui just slow for everyone? Like, does expanding or collapsing items in the properties menu (like dangle, dragger, face, etc.) take like 5 seconds? I see people posting about puppet response times, but I just don't have the patience to do anything since every click takes 5 seconds to respond. Even with:

      Windows 10 Home 64-bit

      AMD A8-6600K APU 3.9 GHz

      16 Gig ram

      MSI GTX 950 graphics card

      Running on a 256 gig SSD


      And this is just using the Character Animator example files downloaded from Adobe, like Wilk, and stuff like that.

      It just doesn't run as smoothly as the example videos. Am I doing something wrong, or is everyone else just a lot more patient than I am?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Character Animator is still in a preview phase, and making things faster is an ongoing effort - and something we are actively working on for the next release. We're working with some user puppets now who are 10x more complicated than Wilk and optimizing for that.


          You should notice that some simpler example characters, like Red Monster, will work fast. For me the two biggest culprits of slow puppets currently are head turns and dangle. Head turns have so much art crammed into them (for Wilk that's 7 different heads) that they can chug. Dangle is running a physics simulation, so that can be intensive too. If I'm working with a character with head turns or dangle, a lot of times I will toggle their visibility off in the properties on the right (click the eyeball next to Dangle and Head Turner), which seems to help until I'm ready to use them.


          Anyway, yes - performance has been prioritized, and it should get better soon.

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            Taytaybanaynay Level 1

            Good to know I'm not doing anything wrong. I guess I'm just not as patient as everyone else.

            Amazing stuff you guys are putting together.

            I know we have our nation's finest working on it!